‘When I’ve finished my shift, I feel I have achieved something. I have doe my bit for that Community’ – Neighbourhood Special Constable Ray Seabrook.

The Special Constabulary are unpaid volunteers and give their time freely for the benefit of the public in support of the regular police service. Neighbourhood Special Constables are those who have chosen to work in their own communities, providing a visible policing presence and supporting victims of crime.

SC Graham Eade, Neighbourhood Constable for Leigh and Penshurst says; ‘It’s old-fashioned pro-active community policing’.

SC Ray Seabrook, who covers the Borough Green area; ‘I have a feeling that I have done soething really good, better than sitting in a pub all night!’

So what’s in it for you?? Being a member f the Special Constabulary allows you to gain diverse skills. Every Special Constable is given the same officer safety raining as their regular counterparts. Training is also given in recognising criminal offences and how to deal with them. In addition, communication skills are very finely honed, as is the ability to ‘assess the situation’ and to think on your feet. Not only will you become more confident, but, the leadership skills you gain could assist you in other areas of your life, especially your own career.

The opportunity to obtain new skills is an inviting one, but what about the personal rewards gained from the work you do? ‘It gives you confidence, determination and a better understanding of how to deal with people’, says SC Seabrook. The Special Constabulary is often seen as the ‘approchable face of policing’, forging links between the regular police force and the community. SC Eade says, ‘Being a Neighbourhood Special Constable helps bring the community together, and helps keep my neighbourhood a safer place to live in, whic is of benefit to all of us’.

As a Neighbourhood Special Constable, your duty hours can be wenever you choose so you can fit them in with our own lifestyle and commitments. You will be at the very heart of your community, providing a visible and reassuring presence out on the street and having a direct input into the way that your neighbourhood is policed.

In West Kent we understand how important our Neighbourhood Specials are, and we are currently in the process of recruiting more. So, if you have a few hours each week to give in service to your community, are over 18 and are ready to take on a satisfying personal challenge, please contact PC Jane Greenwood, the West Kent Specials Co-ordinator, on tel. 01892 502045

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