Appointment of Parish Council Representatives on Local Organisations for

Farningham Parish Council Year 2017 to 2018

  1.  Planning (Chairman: Cllr K Shanmuganathan)

  1.   Footpaths, Highways and Lighting (All Cllrs)

  1.  Darent River Preservation Society (Cllr K Shanmuganathan)

  1.  Age Concern (Vacancy)

  1.  Charity of Anthony Roper (Mr. P. Doye, Mrs Staples, Mrs. Gould, Mrs L. Mullins)

  1.  Solomon Cox Charity (Mrs H Goldsworthy, The Rector, Cllr. P. McGarvey) Plans to change this charity to run via Anthony Roper School with an additional three representatives from the school were underway)

  1.  Kent Association of Local Councils – Sevenoaks Branch, (Cllr. P. McGarvey)

  1.  Council for the Protection of Rural England (Vacancy)*

  1.   Correspondent for Trident (Cllrs D Burns)

  1.  Farningham Village Hall Management Committee (Cllr Mrs D Burns and Cllr C Salmon)

  1.  Representative on Transport Matters (Cllr. K Shanmuganathan)

  1.  Tree Warden (Vacancy)

  1.  Brands Hatch Liaison Group (Cllr Mrs D Burns/Cllr P McGarvey)

  1.  Responsibility for website (Mr. Gale)

  1.  Darent Valley Consortium (Cllrs D Burns and P McGarvey)

  1.  Darent Valley Hospital Trust (Vacancy)

  1.  Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme (Cllr P McGarvey)

  1.  School Safety Campaign (Cllr. A. McEnroe)

*Appointed by organisation concerned

Other Parish Council offices: Chairman }

Vice-Chairman } Elected at Annual Parish

Planning Chairman } Council meeting

Finance Member }

*Appointed by organisation concerned

jg/Nov 2017