The proposed plans include 2,500 houses, a junior school, golf course, sports pitches, a hotel, health centre, restaurants, shops and offices.

This Local Plan proposal can be viewed and responses made at and Comment Forms can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

Developer’s Plans can be viewed  HERE

Meetings where the plans can be viewed locally are:-
          Eynsford Village Hall – Monday 13th August between 5pm and 8pm
          Swanley Link – Wednesday 29th August between 2pm and 8pm

Initial thoughts of our District Councillor :- PRESS HERE

Basic initial comments quoted by SDC are as follows:-

Site: MX48 – Land at Pedham Place (wider), Swanley

Overall Conclusion: To Include in plan, subject to further information
Land Use: Residential, employment, retail, infrastructure, leisure, open space
Developable Area: 117.56 ha
Density: 40 dwellings per ha
Site Capacity: 2500
Phasing: 1-5, 6-10, 10-15 years

Design Guidance: * Development of this site will only be permitted where it is linked to the timely provision of evidenced infrastructure, supported by the relevant infrastructure provider(s). * Development should be locally distinctive to reflect the identity of the surrounding area and take into account any relevant design guidance. * The specifics of any scheme should be developed in conjunction with the local community including through the Neighbourhood Plan process where applicable. * The size and location of the site make it suitable for a variety of housing types and sizes, both market and affordable, to meet identified needs within the local community. This should include housing suitable for older people. * Careful design and layout to minimise impact on the amenity of neighbouring properties and to ensure the amenity of future occupiers of the new development. * Careful design and layout to reflect the edge of settlement location and existing topography and landscape features, and to ensure effective integration of the mix of uses. * Retain existing trees, hedges and habitats and incorporate high quality blue green infrastructure and SuDS as an integral part of the scheme to reflect the greenfield nature of the site. * Opportunities for biodiversity enhancement will be sought. * Landscaping and planting should be integrated into the development and will be required to provide a buffer and defensible boundary in order to blend the development into the countryside in a natural and sensitive way. * Multiple access points will be required to serve the development. Any scheme will need to be supported by a transport assessment. * Retain and improve existing pedestrian and cycle paths and create new connections through and beyond the site, including to the train station and town and local centres. * Provision of public open space will be required to support the development. The type and layout of open space will be a matter for consultation with the local community but should include amenity greenspace and childrens’ playspace.

Additional Information: * It needs to be demonstrated that the proposed social and community infrastructure meets an evidenced local need * Confirmation needed from Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley CCG that the provision of health facilities in this location is supported. * Confirmation needed from education providers that facilities in this location are supported.P47 * Confirmation needed from KCC Highways that the highway network has sufficient capacity to accommodate this scale of development, and whether any improvements are required as part of the proposed scheme * Confirmation needed from Highways England that the proposed development will not have an adverse impact on the strategic road network * Where not already provided, transport modelling is required to demonstrate that the proposed development is feasible. Surveys should take place in the neutral month of September and the scope of works should be agreed with KCC Highways (permits may be required for surveys to be undertaken and this can take up to a month) * Ecology and landscape assessments required (including impact on AONB) * A heritage assessment is required * Inclusion of site subject to agreement of Environmental Health with regard to air quality and noise * The loss of the existing use needs to be addressed.