Sevenoaks District Police

Reporting 101 – Non Emergency

Whilst we cannot guarantee attendance at every incident reported, residents should be reassured that we review all reports of antisocial behaviour and suspicious activity in the community. If incidents and crimes go unreported, we cannot respond in a timely or effective way before the issue escalates.

You can go online and report for non-emergency incidents and crimes and would encourage residents to use this:



Reporting 999 –Emergency

I also press the importance of being confident to use 999. If it appears a crime is in progress, or suspects are still nearby, people should call 999.

You can do all of the above anonymously

Social Media

We publish daily updates on what we are doing in the community via Twitter. We encourage Parish and Town Councils to follow our account, @kentpolice7oaks, and share relevant updates with their communities. We regularly publish current and emerging crime issues and advice on here too.

Country Eye

We encourage communities to download and use the Country Eye App to report incidents to us and partners. The App allows the user to take a photo and mark the exact location using GPS. This images and reports can be used as evidence for Police and courts.

Local Neighbourhood Team

Police Community Support Officer – PCSO 56507 Steve Vincent
                                     Email:- 56507@Kent.PNN.Police.uk 

Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer – Suzanne Daniell…………..01322-422502

Kent Trading Standards………………………….0845-4040506.

Crime Statistics……….www.police.uk

PACT – Police and Communities Together

Visit our website www.kent.police.uk, type in your postcode and find out which neighbourhood officer serves your community.  You can also find out details of meetings and surgeries – these are updated weekly.
Held weekly at Farningham Village Hall on Thursdays 2-4pm – everyone welcome
Tel: 01322-862182