Red Cross

Will also take people to London hospitals and elsewhere in the UK Shopping, social activities, day centres, care homes and medical appointments eg GP, hospital outpatients, dentist, optician Can also provide an escort who, if necessary, will stay throughout the journey Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available Book at least 48 hours in advance Journeys are charged per mile Also offer short-term loans of mobility aids including wheelchairs Tel: 0800 028 0831 Email: Web:


These are transport schemes (many of them subject to availability of volunteers) to help people with mobility problems who cannot get about easily and find it difficult to use public transport. There are several different options which may be especially useful if you are trying to arrange transport at short notice; you may need to ring round to see which organisation can help. One or two organisations can also provide escorts to stay with people during appointments where this is an issue.

Kent Karrier Dail-a-Ride Service

Scheduled minibus route once a week to enable people to get to the nearest supermarket or town centre for shopping etc. It is intended for people who can’t use public transport and is wheelchair-accessible. People have to join (membership costs £5 for a year) and then pay a subsidised fare per journey (ranges from £1.80 to £3.20) Operated by Compaid. Web: To join Tel: 0300 333 5712 To book Tel: 01892 722297, 832447 Email:


Does not cover London Minibus offers support to disabled people for hospital and other medical appointments, outings to local attractions and attending community centres. Journeys charged per mile Tel: 01892 832447 Email:

Dial 2 Drive Community Transport

Will also take people to London Volunteer drivers also use their own cars to take members to medical and social appointments. This includes such things as doctors, hospitals, chiropodists, day centres, hairdressers, lunch clubs, opticians and shopping. For those unable to access public transport due to old age, illness or disability. Drivers can be booked for days, evenings or weekends. You have to take out annual membership (£20 for a year) and pay for mileage (60p per mile, minimum £4) Also minibus service for shopping and social outings. Passengers book in advance and are picked up from and returned to home. Annual membership applies Operated by Imago (formerly Voluntary Action Within Kent) Tel: 0300 777 1200, 01892 530330 Email: Web:

Patient Transport Service

NHS-funded transport to or from your hospital appointment You will be asked questions to check your eligibility This will depend on your medical needs and mobility Tel: 0843 224 1888

Sevenoaks Volunteer Transport Group

Will take people to London Provides transport, using volunteer drivers, for elderly, infirm or disabled residents to access medical appointments at clinics and hospitals Tel: 01732 458931, 451507

Sevenoaks Buses 4 U

Does not cover London Offers a minibus service to those who do not have access to other bus or rail services. Annual membership applies Operated by East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership Tel: 01883 732791 Email:

Voluntary Action Maidstone volunteer transport

Volunteer transport Charges apply May be useful if you have to attend appointments at Maidstone Hospital Tel: 01622 756662 Web:

For pensioners to Post Office, Sainsbury’s, Swanley – Liz on 865529

Available for short-term loan – contact Frank 862519


Feeling anxious or worried?

and need to talk, or if you know someone who needs a kind thought, Mary Hill 862722

Help for the elderly
Mary Hill on 862722 for a comprehensive booklet.


Hospital visiting
Please notify Gillian on 866228 if someone would like a vicit from the church pastoral team.