About Friends of Farningham

Our second season has now finished and thanks go out to all the volunteers who attended our two regular meetings per month. We started with a litter pick in Button Street and the rest of our meetings largely concentrated on weeding and tidying the centre of the village, mainly around the village hall.  We also did some litter picking on the A20 and along the riverside path.

The massive river clearance was also a huge success with villagers joining in with our group to clear one side of the river of weeds and reeds. 

We certainly made a difference and our efforts have been acknowledged by the Parish Council and a number of individual residents. Well done everyone and thank-you.

Special thanks to Viv for stepping is as group coordinator on occasions and to Jane for sending out the regular emails.

We also have a regular number of litter pickers who are often seen around the village and it is brilliant that people are taking an interest in our area. 

If there is a specific task you would like us to undertake during the winter months please let Jane know and all being well we will report for duty sometime next March. Your comments on what are good regular days are welcome; we tried second Wednesday and last Saturday this year. Any thoughts?

Thanks again and enjoy the winter season – roll on spring!!

Carol Salmon

If you have an hour to spare why not join us?

Contact for the group is through the parish clerk on this website.

Contact Clerk HERE