FPC Report for February 2019

Farningham Parish Council met on Wednesday, 6th February 2019, and present were four parish
councillors, which includes the Sevenoaks District Councillor Philip McGarvey, the Clerk, Jane
Gray, Kent County Councillor, Roger Gough and one member of the public.
Sevenoaks District Council’s Local Plan:
Our objection is in place and we now await the outcome. There is a full Sevenoaks Council meeting
on 26
th March and a decision is expected to be made public then.
The A20 footpath between Eynsford Road and King’s Roundabout has been cleared again and further
work done to improve drainage. Additional work includes clearing gullies upward of Eglantine Lane
and this is expected to start soon. Farningham Hill lay-by is being upgraded to allow more vehicle
The Lion:
The planning application for an outside bar has been withdrawn but substantial work is the subject of
a further application. A gate blocking the present Darent Valley Path access is among the proposals
and we have registered our objection. This footpath is, however, not a Right of Way and we would
like to apply for this status. If villagers wish to support our application, please write to the Clerk,
advising how long you have been using this path via
clerk@farninghampc.co.uk or by writing to the
address above.
Thames Water Borehole:
Following extensive dialogue with Farningham Parish Council, Thames Water have now removed the
large earth bund alongside the River Darent in between the A20 and M20 bridge. It is expected that
top soil will be spread with grass seed sown at the appropriate time.
Urgent care medical services:
The NHS has been reviewing the urgent care services in Dartford, Swanley and Gravesham. Last year
they were considering the introduction of an Urgent Treatment Centre at Gravesham Community
Hospital. Local people were largely in favour of this proposal but there is now a possibility to explore
the option of locating it at Darent Valley Hospital. Again, there will be public consultation, which
ends on 28
th February, and details are available via: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/urgentcaredgs
or their website: www.dartfordgraveshamswanleyccg.nhs.uk
Community Plan Priorities 2019 to 2013
A consultation document had been received from Sevenoaks District Council regarding Community
Plan Priorities 2019 to 2023. It was agreed this be circulated to those on the parishioners list; please
do contact the Clerk if you wish to be added to this list)
Friends of Farningham:
We will be meeting again shortly and the dates will be circulated to those on the mailing list, posted
on the notice board at the Village Hall as well as publicised on our website and Facebook page. New
recruits are very welcome.
Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 6
th March 2019, in the Village Hall. Public participation at
approximately 9pm.
Cllr. Carol Salmon