The original proposal to build 2,500 new houses in Farningham is still under consideration !!

A second public consultation has been announced regarding the proposal and Farningham Parish Council has now released copies of the two objection letters sent during the first consultation exercise.

The new consultation is due to run from Tuesday 18th December 2018 to Sunday 3rd February 2019.  It is important that SDC once again realize the strength of feeling in Farningham and Parishioners are encouraged to take part, and they might find the points raised are useful if they should wish to add their voice to this forthcoming consultation.  There will be a number of drop-in sessions in the week commencing 7 January 2019 – further details will be added when known.

Objection letter 1 – FPC Response to MX48 Sevenoaks District Council Local Plan

Objection letter 2 – FPC Submission to Planning Advisory Committee 22 11 2018




This is an extract from Farningham Parish Council Trident Report of November Meeting:-

SDC Local Plan and Pedham Place:

Cllr McGarvey reported that on Thursday, 22nd November, Sevenoaks District Council’s Planning Advisory Council (PAC) will be the first to publicly discuss what is to remain included in SDC’s Draft Local Plan, and this is of particular interest to those of us who continue to oppose a proposal to build 2,500 homes and amenities at Pedham Place, Farningham. The agenda for their meeting will be published one week before, ie on 15th November, but the deadline for publication in Trident was 12th November, hence no news here yet. To allow an exception to be built in Green Belt there must be benefits to the existing local community – but Kent Education sees Pedham Place as a source of funding (and a site) for the building of a long overdue secondary school and Kent Education defines “local community” as the whole of North West Kent. But you and we are very much aware of the other burdens that this new town would place on our communities and creaking infrastructure – hence our opposition.