Due to the difficulty in keeping this site up to date, you are advised to access the following travel website to confirm current timetables for buses travelling through Farningham – http://www.travelinesoutheast.org.uk/se/XSLT_SELTT_REQUEST?language=en and enter “Farningham” in the location box.


From EYNSFORD, opp. Five Bells & FARNINGHAM, Pied Bull (4 mins. later) Mondays to Saturdays – Route 421 to SWANLEY 09:32, 11:09, 12:59 & 14:26

Sundays and Bank Holidays – Route 429 to SWANLEY, DARTFORD, Darent Valley Hospital & BLUEWATER 09:00, 11:25 & 14:20

also from FARNINGHAM, Pied Bull (MF – Mondays to Fridays; SO – Saturdays
Mondays to Saturdays – Route 429 to SWANLEY 06:07(MF), 06:47(MF), 07:34# (MF), 08:37#(SO), 09:37(SO), 09:37#(MF), 10:37#, 11:37(SO), 11:37#(MF), 12:37#, 13:37(SO), 13:37#(MF), 14:37#, 15:37(SO), 16:37#(SO), 16:52#(MF), 17:37 (SO) & 17:52#(MF) (# continues to DARTFORD Home Gdns via Joydens Wood.)

From BLUEWATER, Darent Valley Hospital & DARTFORD

Mondays to Saturdays – Route 477 to SWANLEY (for connection by Route 421 to FARNINGHAM & EYNSFORD) 12:20, 13:50 (departs Darent Valley Hospital 8 mins., and DARTFORD Market St. 19 mins. after BLUEWATER)

Sundays and Bank Holidays – Route 429 to FARNINGHAM & EYNSFORD

10:00, 12:55, 15:20 & 17:30 (on Sundays, Route 429 departs Darent Valley Hospital 6 mins., and DARTFORD Market St. 13 mins. after BLUEWATER)

From DARTFORD Market Street (MF – Mondays to Fridays; SO – Saturdays only)

Mondays to Saturdays – Route 429 to FARNINGHAM 08:32(MF), 09:32, 10:32 (MF), 11:32, 12:32(MF), 13:32, 15:32*, 17:32(SO), 17:47(MF), 18:47(MF)
(* departs 12 mins. later Mondays to Fridays during school holidays)

From SWANLEY, Bartholomew Way

Mondays to Saturdays – Route 429 to FARNINGHAM 07:05 (MF), 09:00,   10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 (SO), 16:00 (SO), 16:12 (MF), 17:00 (SO), 17:15 (MF),
18:00 (SO), 18:15 (MF) & 19:15 (MF)

Route 421 to FARNINGHAM & EYNSFORD 09:50, 11:30, 13:15, & 14:45 Sundays – Route 429 to FARNINGHAM & EYNSFORD 10:38, 13:33, 15:58 & 18:08.

From FARNINGHAM opp. Pied Bull & EYNSFORD Five Bells (4 mins. later)

Mondays to Saturdays – Route 421 to SEVENOAKS Bus Stn. 09:59, 11:39, 13:24 &14:54

From SEVENOAKS Bus Stn. Mondays to Saturdays – Route 421

to EYNSFORD, FARNINGHAM & SWANLEY 09:03, 10:40,12:30 & 14:05



Leaves Eynsford Rise about 10.30 and collects wherever you want, including Mill Lane, Old Mill Close, Farningham and then on to Swanley. There you have about one and a half hours before being returned to your door with your shopping.   If you would find this service useful, phone Gwen Tuck on 01322863636 for details of the modest cost and to book a pick up.

This month sees another bus service consigned to history. It is route 415 which ran on Thursdays only to Bluewater and Gravesend. There has been no official explanation for its withdrawal but in mid December it simply stopped running and all references to it on published timetables disappeared. This could be linked with reports in the press that at least two headmasters of schools in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells became concerned at safety issues with the company operating the school buses. As a result, Kent County Council withdrew funding from the company operating them and switched the funding to other bus operators who took over the two school bus routes. It seems that the lack of funding has resulted in the disappearance of all services operated by the company in question.

That leaves Eynsford with only the 429 route on Sundays providing a direct link to Darent Valley Hospital and Bluewater. It is still possible to get to these destinations by bus during the week by changing at Swanley onto Route 477 which provides a good service, usually every half an hour from Swanley to Dartford, Darent Valley Hospital and Bluewater. There are, however, only two return journeys that connect at Swanley with Route 421 back to Eynsford and I have included these in the revised bus times in this month’s Trident.

Residents of Farningham still benefit from the extended Route 429 providing a direct connection to Dartford via Swanley at hourly intervals until mid-afternoon, although for some reason this bus only continues to Dartford every 2 hours on Saturdays. There are good connections from Dartford Home Gardens (by the station) to Darent Valley Hospital by Route 428, 477 or Fastrack B (between them providing 12 buses an hour), or a bewildering array of buses to Bluewater with routes 96, 428, 477 and Fastrack B providing, between them, some 20 buses an hour. Connections back from Bluewater are best made using route 96, 428 or 477 as these stop in Market Street in Dartford where it is easier to change onto the 429 for Farningham.

David Toser